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Day 17
  • 1.The Social History of
  • 2.The Social History of
  • 3.The Social History of
  • 1.Sheboygan Men’s
  • 2.Sheboygan Men’s
  • 1.The Women’s Room
  • 2.The Women’s Room
  • 1.Childhood Vitreous
  • 2.Childhood Vitreous
  • 3.Childhood Vitreous
  • 1.Tell Me Something I
         Don‘t Already Know
  • 2.Tell Me Something I
         Don‘t Already Know
  • 1.Emptying and Filling
  • 2.Emptying and Filling
  • 3.Emptying and Filling

  • Call For Submissions
    John Michael Kohler Arts Center

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    John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Merrill Mason. Images Provided by The John Michael Kohler Arts Center.
    Sheboygan, WI. Digital Image 1999

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