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  • Toilet Cleaner: $6
    Receive a special made up Internet Newsletters.

  • Associate Janitor: $10
    Recieve a special "I visited the toilet" button to wear to museums.

  • Friend of the Bowl: $27
    Make us your friend, with this you receive the button and a certificate stating that you are our an official friend of the Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art.

  • Individual Cleaner: $15
    Receive our special toilet cleaner and save 10% on merchandise in our store.

  • Family Strength: $47
    Recieve all the above, but for EACH member of your family.

  • Contributing Cleaner: $120
    Subscribe to a special "behind-the-bowl" program, this includes samples of water from three New York art museum toilets.

  • Windex Member: $1,000
    Enjoy insight over a lunch of toilet themed food with a board member in New York (does not include travel costs).

  • Clorox Patron: $2,000
    Get a personalized bathroom tour of five of New York's finest art museum bathrooms.

  • Patron Bowl Cleaner: $10,000
    Arrange a private bathroom tour of seven New York's art museum bathrooms for your friends. Also includes the official Art Museum Toilet Plunger and Toilet Paper gift set.

  • President's Club: $20,000
    You and a guest will be flown to New York for lunch and a tour with a board member (at our expense!), after of which you will visit the Met and the board member will clean one of their toilets for your entertainment.

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